State Country Movie Report


The following are lists of resources to use for your state or country movie report. Please also check with Mrs. McLaughlin about books available in the library.


State Resources for Research

Go to Worldbookonline  (in your NAL box) and type in the name of your state. You will get informtaion about the history of your state and all of its symbols.
State Games
Play US Geography with Shepard Software online. Be sure to put your headphones on and start with the State tutorial and then play the capital tutorial. When you know your states and their capitals, then you are ready to play
State outline Quiz. This is a multiple choice online quiz that shows you the shape of the state and you have to tell which state it is.
Play State games with Social Studies Book Publisher. Click Play Geonet. Then choose a map. (Choose US map). Then choose the region you are studying. Then you can choose what type of questions you want to answer.
Play the Globerider game to name the continents and oceans of the world.
Play the National Geographic Game Geospy. Chose States and provinces as your first assignment. Then choose USA. You will have 3 minutes to identify all of the states.
Watch a video of the Animaniacs learning their states and capitals.

Country Resources for Research

Go to and enter your country in the encyclopedia search. Find your country under Encyclopedia and click on link to take you to reference page. and click on countries. Then click on letter that your country starts with. They also have an extensive collection of maps.  CIA factbook
Go to Worldbookonline in your NAL box. Type in the name of your country. You will get information on the history, economy, resources, people and culture of your country.

Library of Congress Country Reports



Country/ State Report


Our class will be working on a state or country report. The final format will be a Photostory movie. Your research must include the following topics:


à        History of country or state (ie how was it founded, who founded it, when it was founded, significant wars or happenings in its history.) If a state what number state is it and when did it become a state.

à        Economy (what type of jobs do people in your state have?) , transportation, communication, military (What type of jobs do many people have in your state? Major cities? Highest point in state? What part of the US is your state? -midwest-plains etc

à        Capital of country or state

à        Map and flag of country or state

à        Census, chief exports, leaders name and title (and how they get to be leader), land area, currency (State - who is your Governor? What party are they from?)

à        Famous People from country or state (if state, any presidents who are from that state.)

à        Famous landmarks

à        Other interesting facts

à        Country reports should tell about their authentic food and the lives of their people (ie education, jobs, lifestyle)


The body of your movie should have at least 15 slides. A bibliography is required in proper format. You should have a minimum of 3 sources, one of which can NOT be an internet source.