Alternative Education
Phoenix Academy, A Place of Promise

Phoenix Academy:  (217) 424.3090
Phoenix Academy offers non-traditional students a positive alternative to ensure educational success.  We offer a nurturing environment and strive to help each and every child achieve, both in the classroom and at home.  Our caring staff members offer students unique learning opportunities.  Our community partners give the support and services needed for a well-rounded education.  Success is certain when you see the possibilities at Phoenix  Academy.

The Phoenix Way is the pathway to success.  It is seeing education in a different way.  Phoenix is an alternative program for 2nd through 12th grade students.  A standards-based curriculum and a computer supported learning system are included for all grade levels.  We offer smaller class sizes, individualized educational opportunities, and accelerated credit recovery at middle and high school levels.  Student behavior accountability is based on the Girls’ and Boys’ Town Model of positive reinforcement.  Upon admission into Phoenix, our families have a goal-setting/ orientation, and we work together to develop an educational plan to meet the needs of the student both in the classroom and at home.

Phoenix Academy

Location:  1900 E. Cleveland Ave (Formerly Southeast School)

Phoenix Academy is a place where students experiencing behavioral and disciplinary problems are given a second chance.  We emphasize academic success and socially acceptable behavior.  Students are accepted into Phoenix by Superintendent recommendation.  Class size is limited to eight so the needs of the student are fully met. Phoenix offers a focus on academic recovery.  We offer a standards aligned curriculum.  Students are ability-grouped and learn in theme-based interdisciplinary units.  Plato, BrainPop, and Study Island are computer-based programs used to help accelerate student growth and learning.  Smaller class sizes and credit recovery help secondary students receive the academic assistance they need for success. 

How to Apply:

Students may be admitted to Phoenix Academy by parent request, school referral, superintendent placement and school board recommendation.  Contact your building principal.