Certified Nursing Assistant
This course includes the curriculum and clinical lab time required by the Illinois Department of Public Health to qualify for the Certified Nursing Assistant Certification exam.   Students must first pass the pre-test to qualify for the program and meet the ICCB grant criteria to enter the grant-based class.
Pre-tests are given at the Adult Education & Training Center - 300 E. Eldorado St, Decatur IL.
Taking the pretest is the first step in getting into the grant-based or fee-based CNA class.
Pretest dates are listed on the main page of the Adult Education website.

Call 217.424.3085 for more information.
  If accepted into the grant-based class some fees will apply.  Cost of the fee-based class is $975.00
(Fees are subject to change.)
NOTE:  The Health Care Worker Background Check Act (an Illinois state law) prevents many health care employers from hiring individuals as a direct care worker if an individual has certain criminal convictions. Some may be given a "waiver" thru the State of Illinois to work in the health care industry.  A waiver does not change your criminal record - but allows you to work in some facilities. 
A WAIVER must be received before attending the CNA class.  You can go on line:
www.idph.state.il.us/nar to receive a full list of disqualifying offenses and a waiver application.