• Muffley Booster Club


    The Muffley Booster Club strives to complement the educational programs offered here at our school.  The Booster Club is planning family activities and celebrations for the Muffley community.


    Volunteer needs are an important part of the educational process at Muffley.  The Booster Club coordinates the various tasks, functions, and committees that strengthen our students’ experiences at Muffley. 


    General Booster Club meetings will be held once every other month beginning in September.  All meetings will begin at 6:00 PM.  General meetings are open to all members of the Muffley Booster Club.


    Members of the Booster Club are encouraged to serve on its’ committees.  These committees will provide the ideas, planning, funding, and implementation of the Booster Club sponsored and co-sponsored events at Muffley.