• Math concepts: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, order of operations, mental math
    Number of players: 2 – 4
    Equipment: Contig game board, three 6-sided dice, pencil and scratch paper for keeping score, and bingo chips or wide-tip markers to mark game squares

    Set Up

    Place the game board and dice between players, and give each player a marker or pile of chips. (Markers do not need to be different colors.) Write the players’ names at the top of the scratch paper to make a score sheet.

    How to Play

    • Each player rolls a die. Whoever rolls the smallest number will go first, and the play proceeds to the left (clockwise) around the table.
    • On your turn, roll all three dice. If any die falls off the table or lands at a slant, all three dice must be rolled again. Do not touch the dice after they are rolled, though you may use a pencil to scoot them next to each other.
    • Use the three numbers and the basic arithmetic operations (+ - \times , or \div ) to form a two-step equation that equals any available square on the game board. You may not use an answer that has already been marked. Try as many options as you can think of, to make sure you find the highest scoring combination.
    • Mark your answer on the game board with a bingo chip or a large X. At the same time, say out loud how you calculated the number. Add to your score one point for the square you marked PLUS one point for each already-marked square that is touching any side or corner of your number’s square. (Maximum score = 9.)
    • Another player may challenge your answer before the next player rolls the dice. If the challenge is upheld — that is, if you made a mistake — the challenger takes the points you would have won, and you score zero. If your calculation is correct, you get one bonus point for having withstood the challenge.
    • If all the numbers you can calculate have already been marked, your score is zero for that turn. But if another player can think of a valid combination, he can challenge you, mark the square, and take those points.


    • Play until each player has had 10 turns.
    • Whoever has the highest total score wins the game.