• Andrew

     Andrew Pundt Lead Interviewer Biography 

    My name is Andrew Pundt and I am the lead Interviewer in the techstang's club here at Muffley Elementary School. In my job, I get filmed interviewing important people, places, or things by taking notes for their biographies or special events they have currently been in. If you see me or any other techstang, we can help & lend a hand. Some things about me are that I love to make YouTube videos for my channel, & I also love reading and traveling across the country, even in different parts OUT of the country! When I grow up you will most likely see me in NYC! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading my biography and I am glad to be the lead interviewer here in the techstang's club at Muffley.  (Scroll up to see my picture)

    Signing out,
    Andrew Pundt