• Mission:


     The mission of the Hope Academy Middle School counselor is to provide a comprehensive counseling program that addresses the academic, career, and personal/social development of all students.

    The counselor will encourage students to explore and acquire the academic preparation necessary to create quality work, think independently, and become life-long learners. She will assist students in making educated and informed career decisions. The counselor will encourage students to acquire an understanding of, and a respect for, self and others. She will work toward developing the skills of responsibility, leadership, and contribution to the community.


    Above all, she will advocate for all students.


    Counselor’s Role:


    One of the joys of counseling is watching your student grow while they are in middle school. Your student can go the counselor for personal, group, academic and/or social issues. The counselor won’t “fix” things, but will facilitate problem solving. The Middle School counselor provides the following services:

    • Individual and small group counseling

    • Classroom group guidance and counseling

    • Involvement with parent/teacher conferences

    • Staff and parent consultation

    • New student orientation

    • Class scheduling 

    • 8th grade transition to high school 

    • Career Education Program: Major Clarity

      Usually, the counselor meets with students throughout the day, during lunch, or before/after school. If a student needs to talk with the counselor they can sign up in the guidance office.