• On Time

    Managing your time between classes is important to being successful at the middle school. Teachers no longer take you from class to class and that can be cool, but it is up to you to get there on time. It may take a few days to figure out where your classes are and when to visit your locker. Don't visit it between every class - there is no need to. Maybe have a morning visit and an afternoon visit. You'll figure it out!

    With only 3 minutes between classes, it can be difficult to use the washroom. Your best bet is to check in with your next teacher and see if you can go then. It could be the teacher would like you to wait until after the directions. Either way, when you get the chance to go, take care of your business and don't goof around in the halls. You will lose the privilege to leave class.


    You will be getting more homework in 7th grade than you are used to. If you are paying attention in class and asking questions, it will never be anything that will take you hours. If you start to fall behind and miss assignments, then school will get more challenging.

    USE AN ASSIGNMENT NOTEBOOK! It is too difficult to try and remember each different teacher and class and what homework you have when you are trying to pack up at your locker and go home. Each of your teachers will have posted what's expected, so take the time to help yourself be successful.

    Part of being able to do homework is listening in class, participating, and asking questions when you don't understand. Homework is much easier when you do those things!


    Middle school can be a great time to make new friends! Be your genuine self so you attract people that are just like you. Join a club or try out for a sport so you can meet new people! Any chance you get to be a part of something, go for it! You never know when you might make a new friend.


    Now that you are in middle school, you have more freedoms. With those freedoms comes responsibility! No one will be escorting you in the halls between classes, so it is up to you to figure out when to visit your locker, whether you have time for a drink, or to visit with friends. The first couple weeks the teachers are understanding as you try and figure out your time and where to go. Then they will be expecting you to be on time.

    It is up to you to write down your assignments and homework for each class, do your homework, study, ask questions, and participate. What you put into the classes you will get out of them. The teachers are all good at helping you when you don't understand, but they can't read your mind if you don't tell them you are confused.


    The choices you make all have consequences - both academically and behaviorally. Work hard to make sure you get positive consequences! We have office referrals that teachers will fill out if you are not following the expectations and you'll have to visit administration to determine the next step.