• As Hope Academy's middle school counselor, I  have an open door policy. I want all students and their parents to feel that they are welcome at any time to meet with me.


    Middle school can be a difficult time for students. The ages of 12 to 15 incur enormous developmental changes. I am here to help any student who is struggling with academics and social or emotional issues that relate to school.


    In fact, I encourage students to seek me out to help them resolve conflicts. Conflicts can range from peer issues, heartbreak over a new crush, disagreement with a teacher, eating disorders, bullying, and any and all issues that are characteristic to middle school students. If I can help students find answers to questions they have and assist in their problem solving skills, they will able to return to class and focus appropriately on their academics.


    I also often assist with social and personal issues that impede students' academic success.