• Test Anxiety

    Before the Test:

    • Be Preparedthe better prepared you are for your exam, the lower your level of anxiety.

    • No Cramming – Imagine stuffing all of your textbooks into your backpack at one time. Would they all fit? Probably not. Your brain is similar to your backpack…it will handle a little information at a time better than a lot of information at one time. 

    • Review All Information – study from your book, notebook, and any other materials used in class. Combine their information.

    • Use Flash Cards – You will be able to study quickly, carry your note cards everywhere with you, and determine what you already know. 


      Think Straight About the Test:

    • Put Your Test In Perspective – A test is only a test. Keep in mind that there will be others.

    • Eliminate Negative Self-Talk – Avoid thinking of yourself in a negative way (ex. I can’t do this. This is too much. I will never learn all of this information.)

    • Put Your Grade In Perspective – Your grade is not necessarily a reflection of your preparation.

    • Develop Reasonable Expectations – Take your tests one at a time. Set reachable goals.

    • Relax Use slow breathing and picture your safe place if you start to feel nervous.


      During the Test:

    • Test Overview – Look over the whole test and figure out where you can get the most points. Answer these questions first.

    • Set Priorities – Answer all easier questions before going back to answer as many harder questions as possible.

    • Do Not Get Stuck – Do not get stuck on any one question. Skip it and solve the next one. 

    • Give Short Answers For Short-Answer Questions

    • Read Options Carefully - Read all options of multiple choice questions. Eliminate the most obvious. Use qualifying words such as “always” or “only” to eliminate others.

    • Watch the Clock – Do not rush through the test. Keep track of the time.

    • Ask Questions – Ask for more information if you are not sure about a question in your test.


      After the Test:

    • Reward Yourself – Whether you did well or not, reward yourself for taking and surviving your test! You deserve it.

    • Develop a Plan – Use your mistakes as a guide and develop an improved plan and begin studying for your next test!