• Mrs. Kelly’s Behavior Plan


    1. Verbal Redirection
    2. Verbal Warning
    3. Time out in the classroom and conference with the teacher.
    4. Chill Out in a buddy's classroom to complete a writing/drawing activity. Contact Parent
    5. Care Room/Parent behavior conference.
    6. Office Referral


    *Physical violence will not be tolerated and will result in an automatic office referral.

    Our Classroom Policy

    Each Student Will:

    • Always do his/her best! It is important for each student to take pride in his/her work.
    • Listen Attentively! Each student must listen and follow directions in order for the teachers to teach and for him/her to learn. After all that is why we are here!
    • Raise his/her hand to speak! Each student has the right to be heard. We must take turns speaking so that each student is able to hear the lesson and be heard when there is a question.
    • Share! We show good manners by sharing with our friends. We are all friends in this classroom.
    • Put his/her things away! It is essential for each student to know where his/her materials are so they are easily accessible. This includes putting away classroom materials when they have finished using them.

     uniform Uniform: Navy tops & Khaki bottoms (no designs on either)