• Student Services

    Lawrence Trimble


           Name:          Mr. Lawrence Trimble

              Title:            Director, Student Services

              Location:     300 E. Eldorado

              Phone:         (217) 362.3061

              Fax:              (217) 424.3253

              Email:          LTrimble@dps61.org



                The Director of Student Services manages staff assigned to the department, oversees the delivery of programs focused on decreasing discipline and truancy, oversees staff that assist with attendance, homelessness and registraton, and is part of the District's Leadership Team. The Director of Student Services also implements and manages "Student-Centered" service groups and performs duties in accordance with established federal, state, and district-level policies. 


    To assist in providing interventions, support, and resources for student success.

    OUR GOAL: 
    To provide wrap-around support for our students and families to help create an environment that promotes student wellness, learning, and overall achievement.

    Student Services supports the whole child with the focus being on Positive Behavior, Attendance Improvement, Mental/Physical Wellness, and Trauma Sensitivity.

                Student Services advocates open, honest, and immediate communication at the onset of an issue. By maintaining open lines of communication in the classroom, at the school, and beyond, we can more effetively and efficiently achieve success and solutions.


    Student Services provide confidential, non-judgemental guidance to students who request meetings.

    After going through the proper channels at school, parents can contact us with any issue related to their students' academic performance or overall well-being at the school.

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