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    Dear Parents,


    Decatur Public Schools is a district dedicated to educating all students to high levels.  We provide our students with challenging, exciting, and creative learning experiences designed to meet the needs of all students.  As a former kindergarten teacher, I love the excitement this new journey will bring to your family.  Please help us prepare for your child by having the required documentation with you when registering your student(s).

    In order to make sure we have the necessary information about your child, we will have a trained screener at your future elementary school and current day care to screen children.  This screening will help us learn about your child and his/her needs.  This information will be shared with you, your child’s kindergarten teacher and their elementary school principal. 

    It is important to have your child screened and registered! You will also need to send a certified birth certificate, any physical, dental, or eye forms and/or shot records that you may have already collected for kindergarten.  Please be aware that your child must have the medical forms completed and returned before your child begins school in August.

    If you have any questions about kindergarten or your screening, please feel free to contact Allie Hammel at (217) 362-3014.  We look forward to meeting you and your child.  Thank you for your support of Decatur Public Schools and your child’s education.



    Jeff Dase

    Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning