• Heat Plan for Non-Air-Conditioned Buildings

    During the months of August/September and May/June, the District uses both the forecast and actual temperature along with humidity readings in those schools that have classrooms without air conditioning. When these readings exceed the recommended guidelines for safety, the Superintendent may either cancel school for the next day or implement an early dismissal plan for all buildings in the district. The following are are taken into consideration when making a decision to cancel or dismiss school early: 

    • Building temperature 
    • Relative humidity inside building
    • Heat Index inside building
    • Outdoor temperature, relative humidity and heat index during school & bus hours

    The ISBE early dismissal option (Interrupted Day) will only be used in an extreme situation due to the potential logistical issues and the hardship an early dismissal may cause our elementary parents. The decision for early dismissal will be made by the Superintendent as early as possible to allow adequate notification to parents.

    • It will apply to ALL school buildings in the district including high schools.
    • Parents are notified via ParentLink phone calls.
    • Early Release Times for Schools for Interrupted Days

    District Administration has worked with the elementary principals on best practices and set an established routine for relief that includes rotating classes through air-conditioned rooms, utilizing the gym for second floor classes, and moving outside when appropriate.