• The health and safety of our district children is the highest priority at Decatur Public Schools. It is our goal to improve communication with district families and staff regarding any situation that would cause an interruption in the school day or a canceling of school. The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) allows for four options as it relates to closings:

    1. Amend the school calendar to start school at a later date

    1. EARLY RELEASE - School may be dismissed after five clock hours of instruction
    • Instructional time is maximized
    • Advance notice will be provided to allow parents to arrange for childcare
    • School day does not have to be made-up

    1. INTERRUPTED DAY - School may be dismissed after one clock hour of instruction
    • Advanced notice will be provided to allow parents to arrange for childcare
    • School day does not have to be made-up

    1. EMERGENCY DAY - No School
    • Advance notice will be provided
    • School day must be made-up

    The district may change the school schedule due to weather related issues such as snow or extreme heat or cold. Below are some of the guidelines the district uses to determine a change in the school schedule.


    1. Evaluate current and forecasted temperatures and/or humidity.
    2. Road and traffic conditions are evaluated within the district.
    3. Verification that:

    • Buses are able to start and the bus lot has been cleared.
    • Buses can maintain operation under conditions.
    • Adequate number of bus drivers report to work.
    • District personnel can clear (and keep clear) drives, parking lots and walkways.

    4. Evaluate wind chill/heat index chart (as shared on ISBE website).
    5. Outreach to City of Decatur regarding plow schedule.
    6. Contact Decatur Public Transit to determine the plan for city buses (high school students).
    7. Superintendent or designee deliberates with surrounding district superintendents.
    8. Consider the tiered bus schedule.
    9. Consider the impact of children being dismissed from school early including consideration of siblings of latch-key families.


    Notification of decision to early release, interrupt day or use an emergency day will be communicated through the district communication vehicles including:

    • Facebook/Twitter
    • Website
    • Channel 22
    • Local media partners
    • Parent/Staff Notification System (automated voicemail, email, text)