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    Boys Basketball

     2022-2023 Season

    Program, Expectations, Rules, Eligibility

    • Game Rules Boys Basketball 
    • 6th Grade Boys Basketball 
    • Underclassmen may be added if not enough 6th graders
    • Weekly practice time-limited to 3 total hours per week including breaks
      • Option: 2 practice sessions per week 90 minutes per session
      • Option: 3 practice sessions per week 60 minutes per session
      • Practice time includes drills, chalk talk and breaks
    • No Open Gym during the Elementary School Basketball Season
    • 5/6 Grade Rule:
      • If 5th/6th grader is a member of a middle school team, they may not participate in our elementary program
      • 5th/6th graders may participate in the elementary program or the middle school program but not both
      • The rule applies even if one season ends before the other season
    • If not enough 6th grade boys to complete the roster, underclassmen may be added
    • Not allowed to cut a 6th grade boy in order to add an underclassman
    • No student may be added to a team roster after the 1st game has been played
    • Teams must bring their own warm-up basketballs to the DISC on game night
    • Game Admission Fee: $3 Adults, $2 Seniors, $2 Grades 1 - 12, FREE Grade K & Under
    • Coach must bring warm-up balls to the DISC on game night
    • DISC will provide game balls on game night but not warm-up balls
    • Students must demonstrate good behavior and passing grades in order to participate
    • Students must have transportation home from practice and weekly ballgames
    • District will make cancelation announcements for practice/games in the event of foul weather, etc...
    • District provided uniforms are to be managed by the coach
    • The uniforms are not to be given to the students to keep and must be collected by the coach at season end

    Season Schedule:

    • Practice/Tryouts may begin the week of October 3rd
    • Regular Season Game Dates: 10/25, 11/1, 11/8, 11/15, 11/29
    • Championship Saturday 12/3
    • Location: The DISC
    • Panthers Division: 3:00-4:00 pm
    • Generals Division: 4:00-5:00 pm
    • Panthers Division Teams (5):
      • Baum, Franklin Grove, Muffley, Parsons, South Shores
    • Generals Division Teams (6)
      • American Dreamer, Dennis, Hope, Johns Hill, Montessori, Robertson

    Game Schedule:

    • TBD

    Scores & Standings:

    • TBD

    Championship Saturday @ Stephen Decatur Middle School

    • Location: Stephen Decatur Middle School
    • Date: 12-3-21
    • Time: 8:00 am - 2:00 pm
    • Admission:
      • $3 Adults
      • $2 Seniors
      • $2 Grades 1-12
      • Free Kindergarten & Under
    • Schedule: 
      • Boys Single A Tourney Schedule TBD
      • Boys Double AA Tourney Schedule TBD
      • 11 Teams
      • Single Elimination
      • Single-A & Double-AA division based on season-ending records
      • Generals Division vs Panthers Division (In most brackets)
      • Division Awards: Overall Champion, Overall Runner Up, Final Four Champion, Final Four Runner Up