• Dear Colleagues –

    WE HOPE YOUR YEAR is off to a great start! Once again, the Foundation's Trustees look forward to funding your creative ideas in the Arts, Academic Enrichment, Literacy, School & Community Engagment and STEM areas during the 2017-2018 academic calendar.

    Take a moment to look over our general guidelines for applying. Keep in mind that they are flexible and that the staff is always happy to talk about your idea before you submit a formal proposal.

    ADM School Funding Guidelines

    DPS Grant Guidelines


    You will find our clickable, download-able, fill out-able, printable application documents below.


    The First-Year Teacher application is HERE

    The Ellen Spycher Teacher's Award application is HERE

    The Mini-Grant proposal form (for projects under $500) is HERE

    The General Grant proposal form (for projects from $501 and up) is HERE

    Feel free to type or call or drop by to discuss your idea before submitting a proposal!

    AS A REMINDER for those who are granted project funding for this year, recall that each project requires a Grant Report, which is due back electronically to the Foundation Office (via this email address) by Friday, June 1, 2018.

    Please type this way or call the office with any questions. You will find the Reporting Form below. PLEASE REMEMBER TO SAVE your report with the name of your project, so that the Foundation office staff maintains its sanity. 


    The Grant Report document is HERE


    All the best wishes for a great year,

    z shields

    Zach Shields
    Executive Director
    Decatur Public Schools Foundation
    (217) 362.3042