Solarwinds Web Help Desk (WHD) Ticketing System

    Click Web Help Desk to access the system.

    (Bookmark the site for quick access)
    Student Google Account Access
    If you are unable to access your student Google account, you will need to reset your password. 
    Self-Service Reset Password Maintenance:
    Visit password.dps61.org to reset your Google password
    The username is your Student ID (do NOT include the @dps61.net)
    The password will be the Upper case first initial, lower case last name initial, and the students birthdate (MMDDYY). Example: Ab010182
    Note: The tool will be usable for buildings that have completed their iPad deployment. Watch out for your building to communicate the day and time of your iPad deployment. 
    Student Help Desk Instructions:
    A Help Desk account has been created for each student. The password for your Help Desk account is the upper case first name initial and lower case last name initial of the students name.
    (Note: These passwords do NOT sync. If you changed your Google password, your Help Desk password still follows the standard convention.)
    Once you are logged in, you are able to submit a help desk ticket.
    1. Select the appropriate request type
    2. Select a Request Subtype, if applicable
    3. Put in a description of your issue
    4. Click Save
    The Web Help Desk system will send you a confirmation message containing your ticket number.  
    Until you have access to your Google email, you will not be able to see the confirmation email. It is important to check the status of your ticket in the Help Desk system. You can see your ticket(s) on the 'History' Page.
    Staff Instructions
    1. Enter your existing district email (xxxxx@dps61.org) and password login credentials
    2. If the Help Request page is not displayed, click Request in the Web Help Desk console toolbar.
    3. Select the Request Type option that best describes the reason for your request.
    4. In the Request Detail section, provide a detailed explanation of your request or problem. 
    5. If you have supporting documents such as log files, screen shots, or configuration files, click Add File and attach them to the request.
    6. Verify that your Location is correct.
    7. Complete any additional fields associated with the selected Request Type.
    8. Click Save to create the ticket.
    The Web Help Desk system will send you a confirmation message containing your ticket number.