• Overview of the Information Media Program

    The information media coordinator oversees the information media programs  for District 61.  She is responsible for collection development and procedures for 12 elementary buildings, which are staffed by library media assistants.  The information media coordinator serves as a liaison and collaborator with the Board of Education, District Learning Resource Center, district early childhood centers, and the certified library staff in the K-8, middle, and high schools.  

    All K-12 schools have online access to the resources of over 700 libraries, through the Online Patron Access Catalog (OPAC).  The information media coordinator serves as a contact with Illinois Heartland Library System (IHLS) and the Illinois State Library.  She also writes and implements grants, including the Illinois School Library Grants. 

    High quality library programs improve student achievement; it is the goal of the information media coordinator, teaming with families and staff, to help our students become high-achieving, life-long learners.