• We are proud to offer our Family Services Department to every family in Pershing Early Learning Programs.

    Family Services offers support services to families in many different ways, some of which include:

    • Food assistance
    • Clothing referrals
    • Furniture
    • Employment/job search
    • Parent questions and advice
    • Housing programs
    • Energy assistance
    • Mental Health Services
    • Transportation

    Look for us to send home information about Family Fun Nights, parent engagement opportunities, and news in our department. Please do not hesistate to contact the parent educator servicing your facility if you have any challenges they may be able to assist you and your family with. All family information is kept confidential. 

    We look forward to meeting you and working together soon!

    Family Services Department - Your Contacts by Location:

    Pershing Early Learning Center - 217-362-3239 OR 217-362-3300

    • Kelsi Barney, Family Services Coordinator
    • Mallory Cooper, Secretary
    • Heather Smith, Lead Parent Educator
    • Yocelyng Stark, Parent Educator 
    • Megan Vaca, Parent Educator

    Southeast Learning Center - 217-362-3310

    • Meghan Gregurich, Early Childhood Grant Coordinator
    • Karen Mayer, Lead Parent Educator 
    • Anthony Rogers, Parent Educator 

    Baum Elementary - 217-362-3520

    • Abby DeLong, Lead Parent Educator

    Richland Community College - 217-872-4059

    • Karen Mayer, Lead Parent Educator