In Mr.Flanigan's 7th grade class, 

     "Be like a proton be postive"

    Monday:1. Starter,2.Biom foldable

    Tuesday:1. Starter,2.Versa tile: Saving the sea turtles

    Wednesday:1.Starter,2.Biom map

    Thursday:1. Starter,2.Adaption notes

    Friday:1.Starter,2.Adaption activty,3.Butterflies

    In Mr.Flanigan's 8th grade class,

    "The science of today is the techology of tomorrow"by Edward Teller.

    Monday: 1.Starter,2. Finish project

    Tuesday: 1.Starter,2.Present projects

    Wednesday: 1.Starter,2.Counting atoms notes

    Thursday: 1.Starter,2.Counting atoms practice 

    Friday:1.Starter,2.Counting atoms practice




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