• Welcome to Mrs. Ridley’s class


    Classroom/School-wide Expectations:

    1. Go Safely 2. Show Respect 3. Be Responsible


    Positive DOJO points can result in the following: stickers, school wide incentives, extra recess, good call/note home, treasure box prize etc.

     Negative DOJO points can result in the following: loss of a privilege or activity, phone call home (a parent will be contacted immediately via text, email, or phone)
    **If behaviors continue an office discipline referral will be written.

     **Severe behaviors will also result in an office discipline referral.

    Here is a summary of the behavior plan: 
    •+3 total at the end of the day~ sucker and chance at prize bucket
    •First negative~ warning
    •Second negative~ chill zone
    •Third negative~ missed privilege/parent contact
    •Fourth negative~ referral

    Students will always have the opportunity to redeem themselves throughout the day.  Students will also have an opportunity to talk through any problems they are having with myself and their peers. When a student is having a rough day he or she will have the opportunity to go to a safe and quiet place to relax and calm down before the behavior can escalate.  Your child's feelings will always be respected in our classroom.