• Head Lice Protocol                                                                                      12/2007



    Individual students, only, will be checked by the nurse, including those who:

    • are scratching their heads,
    • have sibling with head lice, or
    • are reported by self, family, or others to be infested.
    • No classroom checks will be done.


    If nits are found by nurse:

    • Note #14B home with student – write “nits found today”
    • The nurse contacts parent/guardian re: NITS
    • The student may stay until the end of the school day
    • The student returns to school without a readmission check
    • The student’s head is rechecked during nurse’s assignment to school 


    If lice are found by nurse or staff:

    • The Nurse or staff contact parent/guardian re: infestation
    • The student is transported home by parent ASAP
    • “Eliminating Head Lice” letter is sent home with student

     A readmission check by the nurse at his/her location is required; parent must be present.


2 lice
Louse on coin
Life cycle of a louse