• August 2, 2018 

    Dear Students, Staff, Families, and the Decatur Community,

    It’s hard to believe that my first year as Superintendent of Decatur Public Schools has come and gone and it’s time to start another school year! I want to thank all of you for instantly making me a part of the Decatur community and a welcomed member of the #DPSfamily.

    A main focus this school year is to improve academic achievement throughout the district and prepare students to be workforce ready. It is time to make real change-making strategies that will move us into a new model of education at DPS to better serve students. 2018-19 launches year one of the district’s five-year strategic plan addressing these core strategies: 1) ensure unique innovative learning experiences for all students  2) provide a student-focused environment to expand learning 3) offer support to address our students’ physical, social/emotional, and mental health needs 4) attract and retain talented and invested staff 5) foster mutually beneficial community relationships.

    Through our collective teamwork, I know we will continue to make great strides because we have a strong supportive community for our schools and a dedicated staff committed to our students. It is important that we work together as parents, staff members as well as a community, to give each student the best opportunities to be successful as we work towards becoming the Destination District!


    Dr. Paul Fregeau, Superintendent

  • February 27, 2018

    Dear Students, Staff, Families and the Decatur Community,

    It has been a couple of weeks since the tragedy that took place in Parkland, FL and I know it has weighted heavily on the hearts and minds of everyone in District #61. I want to reassure you the security and safety of our students and staff is always our number one priority. This is a responsibility we take very seriously.

    I would like to take this opportunity to remind all of our families that we have a plan in place to handle emergency situations. While we cannot share all the details of our school safety plans, it’s important for you to know some general safety measures that are in place to support our schools.

    General Measures:

    • Strong partnership with Decatur’s law enforcement teams and fire/rescue officials
    • District and building crisis manuals and plans
    • Administrative procedures and protocols are defined for crisis situations
    • ParentLink (Robo Call ) notification system for families and staff
    • Regularly scheduled lockdown drills
    • Safety training
    • Building plans/footprints shared with law enforcement and fire/rescue

    Daily Process and Procedures:

    • Alert and aware staff, administration, and central office
    • Active and engaged supervision
    • Strong relationships in buildings with students, staff and families
    • Access control systems (locked doors) at all buildings
    • Surveillance cameras at the main entrances of school buildings
    • Radio systems.

    Additionally, we are currently looking to update our school safety software to enhance emergency preparedness within the district with the use of cell phone technology to include detailed, interactive maps and floor plans of all of our buildings to assist first responders.

    Most importantly, we are attempting to promote a culture where everyone has a responsibility to be vigilant and focused on safety. We ask our parents talk with your children about the importance of being aware and reporting any concerns that could be considered threatening to a responsible adult.

    It falls to each of us to reassure our students and colleagues that we will continue on and stay diligent to keeping our schools safe.




    Paul Fregeau, Ed.D.
    (217) 362-3010


  • May 17, 2017


    Dear Students, Staff, Families and the Decatur Community,

    As I’ve dedicated over 26 years of teaching, coaching and administrative experience in the educational field, it gives me great pleasure to introduce myself as the Superintendent of Schools for District 61. I truly understand the importance of leadership and teamwork and do not take this privilege lightly. Leadership is crucial and vital when it comes to the educational success for all; therefore, I value its importance along with the teamwork and the collaboration with staff, families, organizations and business partners throughout the Decatur community.

    I began my educational career at Quincy Junior High School as a teacher and a coach. I then moved to Monroe City Public Schools where I also served as a high school teacher and coach. I continued my administrative career as a High School Principal, Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent of Support Services and now, the Superintendent of Decatur Public School District 61. 

    As you approach the closing of another school year, I hope it was successful and rewarding as you begin preparations for grade level transitions and graduation celebrations. I recognize that it takes the school staff members, parents and community working together in order for success to occur. Therefore, please take a little time to appreciate the many accomplishments our students have achieved with your support. Each position throughout the District contributes in various ways towards teaching and learning and are very important in the lives of all of our students.

    There are many opportunities in Decatur and I realize that education is the core to any community growth. I am eager to move forward with those opportunities in mind and join you as we prepare to celebrate improvements in academic achievement, graduation rates, college readiness and citizenship for District 61 students.

    In closing, I look forward to working with the students, staff, families and the Decatur community in the months and years to come. I embrace diversity and will listen to other ideas as I keep the students and staff’s best interest in mind. Thank you for your commitment and dedication to Decatur Public School District 61 as we move forward to create a world class education for our kids.



    Paul Fregeau Ed.D.