• August 2, 2018 

    Dear Students, Staff, Families, and the Decatur Community,

    It’s hard to believe that my first year as Superintendent of Decatur Public Schools has come and gone and it’s time to start another school year! I want to thank all of you for instantly making me a part of the Decatur community and a welcomed member of the #DPSfamily.

    A main focus this school year is to improve academic achievement throughout the district and prepare students to be workforce ready. It is time to make real change-making strategies that will move us into a new model of education at DPS to better serve students. 2018-19 launches year one of the district’s five-year strategic plan addressing these core strategies: 1) ensure unique innovative learning experiences for all students  2) provide a student-focused environment to expand learning 3) offer support to address our students’ physical, social/emotional, and mental health needs 4) attract and retain talented and invested staff 5) foster mutually beneficial community relationships.

    Through our collective teamwork, I know we will continue to make great strides because we have a strong supportive community for our schools and a dedicated staff committed to our students. It is important that we work together as parents, staff members as well as a community, to give each student the best opportunities to be successful as we work towards becoming the Destination District!


    Dr. Paul Fregeau, Superintendent