InspirED Futures Internship Program

  • Program Overview

    Decatur Public Schools and its business and industry partners recognize the need for our high school students to be provided meaningful real life work experiences in the real world prior to high school graduation.

    InspirED Futures Internship students have a unique opportunity to transition from a classroom to a professional environment by participating in this 12 week program.  The goal of the InspirED Futures program is to provide internship opportunities to student interns with real life application and hands on learning.  Working with over fifty business partners, students are given the opportunity to become experienced with different working environments to see what suits them.  This is a learning experience, for students to observe and apply the skills they’ve acquired.  The expectation from the District to the business partner is that each of the real life work experiences should fully engage the student and provide meaningful hands-on experiences when possible. 

    Eligibility Requirements

    This is not a paid internship, however, the exposure and experience the students will receive is priceless.  The student interns are accountable for maintaining their 2.5 grade point average and remaining professional and respectful at all times during the Internship.

    Students who wish to participate in the High School Internship Program must meet the following requirements:

    • Senior status and on track to graduate
    • 5 GPA or higher
    • Submit application
    • 1 Letter of Recommendation
    • Complete the personality assessment & at least 1 career exploration in Major Clarity.
    • Participate in a Mock Interview with potential employer

    Students are responsible for arranging transportation to and from their internship site. 

    How to Apply

    School year 2021-22 InspirED Futures Internship application process will open in October, 2021. 

    Congratulations to the InspirED Futures Class of 2021!

Internship Program