• Strategy 4:

    "We will attract and retain talented and invested staff by ensuring they feel valued and supported."

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    1. Establish a strong and consistent mentoring program for all first and second year staff that includes non-district resources for support.

    2. Prioritize professional development to best prepare all staff to meet the needs of the District's diverse student population.

    3. Create social supports for all staff new to Decatur, including activities involving young and diverse professionals from other employers.

    4. Establish a mandatory Principal Leadership Institute for all current Principals and aspiring Principals.

    5. Utilize competitive and effective recruitment strategies to expand the pool of talent who are culturally, and racially diverse for all positions with an emphasis on community partnerships to ensure commitment and engagement.

    6. Offer competitive benefits and working conditions to attract and retain employees.


    **Denotes 2018-19 focus (year one)