• Strategy 5:

    "We will create and foster mutually beneficial relationships throughout the community." 

Strategy 5 icon

    1. Make every school a positive driving force for its neighborhood.

    2. Cultivate community partnerships at the individual building level.

    3. Support and incentivize residency within the boundaries of Decatur Public Schools for Decatur Public School employees and the area community as a whole.

    4. Collaborate with community partners to develop attractive housing communities within the boundaries of Decatur Public Schools for area young professionals and Decatur School district employees.

    5. Utilize community partners to plan and implement high-quality Pre-K and early support services that are easily accessible to all children and families in Decatur Public Schools.

    6. Collaborate with Decatur area providers to create quality before and after school programs for Decatur Public School students.

    7. Create a workforce development cooperative within all Decatur Public Schools.


    **Denotes 2018-19 focus (year one)