• Hello!  I hope all of our classes are fun, interesting and worthwhile!  To make them this way, we must have rules. 
    Rules make class safe, fun, and interesting.  So rules must be followed! 


    1. Be respectful
             Treat everyone with proper consideration, regardless or whether he or she is in the classroom at the time.
             Use respectful language, in writing as well as in discussions. Show respect for your environment by keeping
             the classroom clean and neat.
    2. Be responsible
             Arrive at class on time and with all necessary materials.(Even when those classes are virtual) Complete assignments on time, ask questions when
               necessary, and stay aware of deadlines. Be prepared for the start of class each day. Do what is right,
             regardless of what everyone else in class is doing.
    3. Be appropriate 
             Conduct yourself as a mature, well-mannered young adult. Think before you speak, and make sure all
             contributions to the class dialogue are meaningful. Take care of personal business when the time is
             appropriate. Use your privileges wisely.
    4. Be involved 
             Participate to the fullest extent that you can. Stay awake. Take part in discussions. Ask questions.
             Answer questions. Stay on task. Take notes. Keep your head up. Do your homework. Use class time
             efficiently. Listen. Watch. Participate.
    5. Be honest 
             Do your own work. Do not cheat, do not plagiarize. Do not attempt to sneak around the rules.
             Avoid inventing excuses to cover up your mistakes. Accept consequences for your mistakes,
             and learn from them
    All school rules must be followed.  These will be found in your student handbook.  Read them, follow them, and please do not break the rules! 
    Next, classroom rules must be followed.  This is a science lab class.  In order to do safe, fun labs, all students must follow the rules! 
        1. No horseplay.  None!
        2. No food. It is not safe to eat food in science labs.  Except in a few instances, You may only have bottled water to drink while in a science laboratory!
        3. Bring supplies.  You will always need something to write with and to write on.  You may need your book, your homework, your folder with labs,
        4. Be on time!  




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