• Welcome To Ms.Kernaghan's Class!!


    Ms.Kernaghan's class is working on...

    In social studies we are starting to break up the chapter into lessons that the students want to teach, they have worked an many different ways to present them . 

    In Science e are working on plant and animal cells. We will be drawing cells this week and working on team projects . 

    In writing we are studying opinion writing. The students have been watching the news and reading the paper to learn about current events. We will be writing Letters to the Editor after break . 

    They had to research and form a presentation that aligned with our Native American Unit. They presented Friday and Monday. We enjoyed the various ways they presented; from skits to posters, writings to iMovies. They were all amazing.

    In reading we have complete reading RULES.  We are joining with a partner to choose our culmination activity.  The activity choices included; movie poster, slide presentation, character comparison poster, diorama, or plot poster.

     Our door was an amazing project. We used our 7 Mindset skills and our artistic ability to create Snoopy’s doghouse. They divided up into teams to decide what to add to our door. It was a lot of teamwork.  The end project looks great.