• District Student Teacher Coordinator Responsibilities 

    1. We will have a student teacher identification badge available at Keil Administration office 101 West Cerro Gordo St. Decatur, IL 62523 (Attention: Human Resources Department).
    2. Building Administrator greets and check in on student-teacher while in the building and communicates to District Student-Teacher Coordinator when necessary. 
    3. Provides clear and concise hiring procedures for all interested in becoming employees of DPS.
    4. HR recruiter will check on Student-teacher and the placement periodically during the semester. 
    5. HR receives and reviews the request and communicates requests with building principal(s).
    6. HR responds to College/University with the appropriate conclusion in a timely manner.
    7. If DPS can accommodate- HR verifies certification of cooperating teacher
    8. If in the event DPS can not accommodate a request- the process is complete and the university is notified.