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    Thank you for your Clinical Placement interest in Decatur Public Schools District 61.

    Student teaching is the clinical hands-on component for students in a teacher preparation program leading to licensure. Depending on the university standards it is a full semester of finishing requirements, observing, planning, implementing, assessing students in the cooperating classrooms, and conducting a classic classroom takeover. This is a time for beginning educators to enhance their knowledge, skills, and character under the guidance and mentoring of their cooperating teacher and university supervisor. The experience will help the student-teacher practice and develop ways to positively impact future student learning and development. Hosting a student teacher is a major commitment and involves teachers and principals to play a crucial role in mentoring the students. The university supervisor works closely with the cooperating teacher, and the District Student-Teacher Coordinator (Jey L. Owens jlowens@dps61.org) to provide critical guidance and support to assist the student teacher to enhance his or her professional role. Please read each tab as the purpose to understand the responsibilities and expectations of each role in Decatur Public Schools.


     Use the following links below to provide guidance on how to navigate the Clinical Placement experience in DPS.

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