Request Process

    1. Supervisor or Coordinator from College/ University or Student Teacher  submits a Student-Teacher Placement form https://forms.gle/JPNVMSGHnwGjJoQC8
    2. HR receives and reviews the request and communicates requests with building principal(s).
    3. HR responds to College/University with the appropriate conclusion in a timely manner.
    4. If DPS can accommodate- HR verifies certification of cooperating teacher
    5. If in the event DPS can not accommodate a request- the process is complete and the university is notified.
    6. The student- teacher must have the required background check and fingerprint.
    7. Student Teacher will make an appointment with HR for ID badge, and building procedures.
    8. HR recruiter will check on Student-teacher and the placement periodically during the semester. 
    9. The cooperating teacher will provide feedback through an unofficial observation form that will be shared with the Supervisor or Coordinator from College/ University, HR and building administrator if a hiring decision is necessary.   
    10. The student will complete a "Student Teaching in DPS Exit Survey" and provide feedback on his/her experience.