•  Prospective Student Teacher Responsibilities and Expectations

    1. Be present every day (Student teachers follow the district calendar).
    2. If an event you are ill, please communicate with the cooperating teacher and your clinical director.
    3. Obtain from the cooperating teacher a Faculty Handbook and Student Handbook and review administrative regulations and routines. 
    4. Become familiar with the existing discipline plan.
    5. Student teachers should plan to assume control of the class gradually. 
    6. Develop and implement procedures for managing the class effectively during instruction, incorporating various groupings and presentation techniques.
    7. Become involved in the total school by participating in school activities as often as they fit with your schedule. 
    8. Confer with the University supervisor on a regular basis.  Complete all requirements specified by your program area.
    9. Student Teacher is encouraged to share any concerns about his//her experience via this document.