• Cooperating Teachers

    1. Cooperating teachers must hold a continuing license in the field and at the level in which they supervise and have at least three years teaching experience.
    2. Introduce the student teacher to the classes and explain briefly why he/she is there.
    3. Spend time discussing with the student teacher the daily procedures of the school; introduce the student teacher to school personnel. 
    4. Spend time discussing with the student teacher his/her performance and plans, strong and weak points of the lessons, materials used, and student responses to the lessons. 
    5. Provide positive and constructive criticism on all aspects of the student teacher's performance.
    6. Communicate with the District Student Teacher Coordinator
    7. Help the student teacher take over the responsibilities for taking attendance, grading, and other tasks. 
    8. Be available for assistance during the normal school hours and by phone at home for any necessary communications.
    9. Cultivate and encourage a positive clinical relationship throughout the entire placement.