• The educator of the year is Ms Neisman!!!

    How does it feel to get this award?

    " I would say it feels amazing to get this award and I would also say you can't get this award without the people you work with. You can't be considered educator of the year without the other staff members from Johns Hill making a differences in kids' lives."

    What is your favorite thing about teacher?

    " My favorite thing about teaching, is especially at Johns Hill, is when I get to go into to classrooms and work with other teachers and students. Explaining lessons in a different way. Then the lightbulb goes off! Math and Social Studies is easier. So, I can help students do assignments that they couldn't do before."

    How many years have you been teaching?

    " This is my 34th year of teaching."

    What do you do for kids at Johns Hill?

    " I hope I teach kids how to be good people  I want them to be nice, kind people. I want them to understand that education is important. I want them to go to high school and college and choose their major or career. I hope my students become good people and care about themselves, family, friends and the world around them."