• The behavior expectations during virtual learning remain the same as in-person instruction. 

    • Be on time: Make sure to join the meeting at the designated start time. Classes are only 25 minutes, so every minute is valuable. (Students should be in their seat at the bell when/if in-person instruction resumes.)
    • Be prepared: It is important to arrive to class on time with a charged device, completed assignments, paper, writing utensils, and textbook. 
    • Be respectful: You are an important part of the class, and it is important that you make positive contributions to the learning environment daily. We will all respect each other with kindness and empathy. Make sure to only unmute your mic when you are speaking, follow all directions, use only school appropriate vocabulary, support your classmates by highlighting their accomplishments, and help others when needed. Any form of bullying will not be tolerated. 
    • Be on task:  The only assignments to be worked on during class must be for the class. If you finish an assignment early, choose a reading from the “Independent Reading” list. Tech devices should only be used when necessary for the class. This means phones should be out of sight at all times unless included in the lesson. 
    • Participate: Depending on the lesson, participation can take the form of speaking, listening, taking notes, and/or completing assignments and activities.  

    All of the rules in the student handbook apply to the classroom.