• Great music resource websites for general learning:

    https://www.musictheory.net/ - Lots of free music resources, some music theory lessons, ear training opportunities, etc.

    https://www.essentialelementsinteractive.com/ - This website pairs with the book we use for class, opportunities to practice with recordings of each of the songs from their book's assignments, some basic video lessons, etc. The activation code is on the inside cover of their Essential Elements for Band book.

    https://www.good-ear.com/ - Excellent ear training resources for students to become more familiar with different sounds they may experience as they continue to play and learn


    Resources for composition:

    https://musescore.org/en - Free music composition software for download, if students are interested in beginning to create their own pieces for themselves or with friends!


    Resources for lessons:

    https://jamzone.littlekidsrock.org/ - Want to take free lessons on how to start a rock band? Learn drum set, guitar, bass, keyboard or ukulele easily on your own? The basics of songwriting made easy? This is the place for you!! Fantastic organization! Great free resources for students!