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     Parent Mentor Program 
    "Parents and Teachers Working Together"

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    The community-based organization (CBO) and the school recruit a group of parent mentors every year.  There is a school-based parent mentor coordinator hired by the CBO who does most of the recruiting and he/she is responsible for the smooth running of the program. 

    Parent mentors complete 15 hours leadership training, and are then assigned a classroom (not their own child’s) where they are mentored by a teacher on how to work one-on-one and in small groups with children.  Parent mentors work in the classroom Monday-Thursday for 2 hours/day and participate in ongoing training on Friday mornings.  After successfully completing their term, parent mentors receive a modest stipend. 



    1. To work in assigned classroom for a full two hours Monday-Thursday and participate in Friday morning trainings.
    2. To spend time directly working with children, either in small groups or one-on-one; NOT constantly grading papers, running errands or doing grunt work.
    3. To build leadership skills by getting involved in school and community activities.


    1. Build a relationship with the parent mentor in order to learn from each other and recognize each other’s strengths and talents.
    2. Communicate clearly with parent mentor about expectations.
    3. Make sure the parent mentor spends most of his or her time working directly with children, either one-on-one or in small groups.
    4. Raise questions or concerns with the parent mentor coordinator or CBO staff.
    5. Participate in occasional program evaluation meetings, surveys and programs observations.
    6. Participate in one “get to know you meeting” to meet your parent mentor before he or she begins in your classroom. 


  • Benefits

  • Parent Engagement Institute at Logan Square Neighborhood Assoc. & Southwest Organizing Project