• Enrolling in the Correct Grade Level

    Students should enroll in the grade level they are currently in as of Spring 2021. For example, a kindergarten enrolled in the Spring will enroll in Kindergarten for the Summer.  A current 3rd-grade student will enroll in the 3rd grade summer program. Our intention is serve students in person, options for virtual learning will be shared with families that register. CLICK HERE to register your child.

    Incoming 2021-2022 PreK & Kindergarten Students

    Parents of incoming PK students must complete a screening prior to enrollment and will need to contact the Pershing Early Learning Office at 217.362.3300. Kindergarten students must complete Kindergarten enrollment. Parents who need  to complete Kindergarten enrollment will need to contact the Student Services Department at 217.362.3060.


    Routes for summer school will be available at the school sites once routes have been determined based on students home address ONLY. No additional routing will be done after the May 12th enrollment deadline.  

    Food Service

    Breakfast and lunch will be free for students attending Summer School. Lunch and breakfast will continue to be served in accordance with current USDA nutritional guidelines.