• Decatur Public Schools
    PLTI Curriculum

    Classes will begin in October, with a break for the holidays, and resume in January.

    Retreat:  Creating a Caring Community for Children

    Week 1:  Thriving with Diversity in the Group Process

    Week 2:  The Change Process

    Week 3:  Parents as Change Agents

    Week 4:  How to Investigate a Problem and Work Toward a Solution

    Week 5:  The Intentional Use of Language

    Week 6:  Learning How a Community Works

    Week 7:  How Local Systems Work & How to Interact With Them

    Week 8:  Networks

    Week 9:  The Power of the Media & How to Use it

    Week 10: Using Your Voice

    Week 11: The Life Cycle of the child & the Functions of the Family

    Week 12: Social and Economic Trends Affecting Children and Families

    Week 13: What is Public Policy?

    Week 14:  How the State Works

    Week 15:  How a City Works

    Week 16:  How do we Understand the Law

    Week 17: Budgets –From Wallets to State – It’s all Money and Priorities

    Week 18:  Evaluation, Outcomes, and Accountability

    Week 19:  The Magic of the Unexpected: Forming New Alliances

    Week 20:  Language: Packaging & Moving Agendas

    Snow day make-up if needed