• Appropriate Dress
    Garfield Montessori Strives to maintain an orderly and focused environment for educating all students.  It is our responsibility to keep distracters such as character clothing, immodest attire or any other item that calls attention to oneself from being a part of our Montessori classroom.  Clothing of any type that distracts from the learning process will not be allowed.  Some of the following indicate those which will not be allowed:
    Hats, caps or bandanas
    Bare midriff, halter tops/dresses or plunging necklines
    Tops with spaghetti straps or see-through tops
    Shirts or tops with derogatory or disrespectful statements or slogans
    Sagging pants, exposed underclothing or pants that reveal your "backside"
    No heelies' or flip-flops
    If a student is sent to the office due to wearing inappropriate attire, the student will be asked to change into an appropriate article of clothing from the school inventory.