• Basic Rules
    Garfield Montessori Magnet School has long maintained a high standard of working hard to help children reach their full potential.  This year, as in the past, we pledge our best efforts to continue this tradition.  We, of course, cannot continue to be effective without supportive, well-informed families who value education.  Thank you, in advance, for your efforts!
    Teachers are responsible for the academic education of the children while they are at school.  We will do our utmost to ensure that each child gets the best education has to offer in the classroom setting.  You, however, are your child's first and most important teacher.  We look forward to working with you, your child and your family.
    As stated in district policy, the job of the school district is to educate, not to discipline.  Therefore, disruptive behavior will not be tolerated!   In order to maintain the parental right and duty to discipline, behavior which interferes with the rights of other students to learn and/or does not improve with correction will be the immediate responsibility of the parent/guardian.  A parent/guardian will be contacted and expected to correct the problem.  The parent/guardian may, at the discretion of the principal, be required to come to school to discipline, stay with, or pick up the child or to have a parent/guardian conference with school staff.
    Garfield School Rules

    1.  Take responsibility for yourself.

    2.  Act in a safe  and healthy way.

    3.  Respect the rights of others.

    4.  Treat property with respect.
    These rules apply any time children are on Garfield School property as well as any time students are representing Garfield Montessori Magnet School.
    How to handle a problem: 
    The children will be taught the following and are expected to follow this while at school:
    1. If another child does or says something unkind to you, tell him/her that you do not like it and that you want him/her to stop.  Talk the problem out.
    2. If the problem continues or someone hurts you, tell the adult in charge immediately.
    TALK ABOUT IT is a conflict resolution program developed by district personnel.  It works extremely well!  The children, once taught the process, are able to use it quite easily and successfully.  The steps are listed below.  Feel free to utilize this at home.
    1. Stop, Cool down.
    2. Talk and Listen.
    3. Think of Solutions.
    4. Choose and Agree.
    5. Make and Follow a Plan.
    6. Did it Work?