• Recycling - Ink Jet Cartridges/Laser Printer Cartridges
    Recycling printer cartridges is a quick and effortless way to earn cash for our school.  Now we can recycle empty printer cartridges and earn $$$ for our school!  Just send your empty printer cartridges (inkjet or laser) to school with your child or drop your cartridges in the Cartridge World bin located in the computer lab. Cartridge World will collect the cartridges, and we will get CASH for each cartridge!  The more cartridges brought in, the more fundraising money we will receive!!!
    Recycling - Used Cell Phones
    We will also accept any used Cell Phones.  We will be recycling them through a program called Funding Factory, where we can earn cash or choose products from a catalog to better our school.  Click the picture to find out if your cell phone qualifies for our program.  Send any qualifying cell phones to school with your child to drop off in the computer lab.