Again this year Aramark will be providing hot lunches for the Decatur School children.  School lunches will cost $1.35 for elementary students and $.40 for elementary students who qualify for reduced lunch.


    Please help avoid not having your child credited with the proper amount of lunches by doing the following:


    1.    On Monday, send the correct amount in a sealed envelope.


                a.   Write the child’s name on it.

                b.   Write the teacher’s name and room number on it.

                c.   Write the amount of money enclosed and the number of days you are paying for.


    2.    Make checks payable to Aramark.


    3.    Occasional hot lunch buyers may pay on a daily basis.


    4.    NO CHARGES, peanut butter sandwiches will be offered if student owes 


    Please make sure that your child’s lunch container has his/her name and room number written clearly on it.  NO POP OR CANDY is allowed.  Milk, both white and chocolate is available for $.30 per carton.



    We will again serve breakfast beginning at 8:05 A.M. in the classroom. 

    Breakfast will cost $.75 for elementary students and $.30 for elementary students who qualify for reduced breakfast. The students may pay daily or by the week.


    Notification of Free/Reduced Lunches:  Students who cannot afford to purchase a school lunch may be eligible to eat free or at a reduced price.  Parents may submit application to the building principal for the free or reduced lunch program.

    This information is covered in full details in the STUDENT CODE OF CONDUCT/PARENT HANDBOOK listed under Cafeteria Services.

    This school year we will continue to utilize the Multipurpose Room for lunch periods only.  Our students will enjoy eating their lunches on the newly remodeled cafeteria tables!  Students will have a brief recess period prior to/after entering the “cafeteria” for lunch. The staff expects children to obey lunch rules, procedures and directions given by the ARA lunchroom supervisor just as they are expected to obey classroom rules and directions given by the teacher.


    1.     Children will be permitted to talk quietly to those sitting near them.

    2.     Good table manners are to be used at all times.  We DO NOT allow children to give food to another child, trade food, throw food, or drop food or trash on the floor.

    3.     Children will remain IN their assigned SEAT until released by the ARA supervisor.

    4.     Treat all adults and other students with respect.


    Undesirable behavior and unsafe activities during lunch/recess will not be allowed.  Students who do not follow the rules may be isolated from their classmates during lunch/recess.  Repeated offenses or serious infractions of the rules may result in suspension.