Decatur School District discipline policies will be found in detail in the STUDENT CODE OF CONDUCT/PARENT HANDBOOK.


    Behavioral Intervention:  This policy is adopted to address the current state law and mandated to adopt intervention policies and procedures.  A Behavioral Intervention packet is given out to all parents of special needs students at the Individual Educational Program (IEP) meeting on a yearly basis.  If you do not have one in your possession, please contact the school principal or the Special Education Supervisor or Director.



    William Harris School students who follow the rules and are good citizens are encouraged and rewarded with various classroom and school wide programs as components of the PBIS program.


    The expectations for behavior at William Harris Elementary are:


    1. Be Respectful
    2. Be Responsible
    3. Be Safe

    (please see the behavioral matrix that is included in the addendum)

    Students will be instructed in expectations in each area of the building during the first two weeks of school.  They will also be given instruction for the PBIS initiative that is a new part of our school culture.


    Teachers will have their own classroom consequences that may include after school detentions.  Parents will be given 24 hour notice of detentions in writing. 



    When a child needs to visit the office because of misconduct, consequences will be chosen from the range of consequences found in the Student Code of Conduct.  All Principal consequences are in addition to teacher consequences.


    Corporal Punishment: State law prohibits corporal punishment.  Corporal punishment is defined as intentional infliction of bodily harm, slapping, paddling or prolonged maintenance of students in physical painful positions.  The law does permit teachers or certified staff to use reasonable force “to maintain safety for the other students, school personnel or persons, or for the purpose of self defense or for the defense of property”.


    Reasonable force will be used, if necessary, to remove a student from the classroom.


    Refer to your STUDENT CODE OF CONDUCT/PARENT HANDBOOK concerning student conduct regulations and corrective procedures.