1.    Pants must be worn at the waist.

    2.    No spaghetti straps

    3.    No navel or mid-drift showing

    4.    Fingernails must not interfere with the ability to write, type or perform a task

    5.    No outer coats or headwear of any kind

    6.    No extremely short skirts or shorts.  Hem must touch the fingertips when held at the side.

    7.    Jewelry must be kept on at all times and must not interfere with the educational process in any way (see jewelry policy on prior page).




                1.  Baggy pants will be belted with whatever is available.

                2.  Inappropriate tops will be covered with shirts from the nurse’s closet.

                3.  Jewelry will be taken by the teacher and returned at the end of the day 

                4.  Students will be required to remove fake fingernails.

    5.    Parent will be contacted to pick the student up or bring appropriate clothing if inappropriate clothing is worn.