1.         Make sure your children get to bed early.

    2.         See that your children have breakfast before coming to school.

    3.         Make sure your child is always at school on time.

    4.         Encourage your children to obey school and classroom rules.

    5.         Make sure your children are prepared to be at school with all their school materials
                (paper, pencils, etc.).
    6.         Contact the teacher if you notice a problem.  It is always better to give a child extra
                 help at an early age.
    7.         Talk with your child’s teacher about homework.  Find out how the teacher assigns
                homework and what her/his expectations are.

    8.         Remember homework and class work are your child’s responsibility.

    9.         Have a special place (desk, kitchen table, bedroom etc.) that your child must be
                while doing homework.

    10.       Set a specific time each night that children are to do school work.

    11.       Help your child locate a special place to keep homework and other school materials.

    12.       Be consistent in behavior management.