Teachers are not required to stay beyond a limited time after school.  When they stay to help your child with schoolwork or social problems, they are doing so because they are interested and concerned about your child.


    Students are not to have cell phones at school.  If a student needs a phone for a family emergency, it may be left at the main office.  If a cell phone disrupts the classroom, it will be confiscated, given to the office, and returned to a parent only.



    Field trips are a privilege and students will not be allowed to participate unless they demonstrate responsible behavior within the school building.



    A lost and found box is located in the lobby.  Please check periodically for lost items.  Labeled items can easily be returned to their owner.  Please label all personal items.



    Fall Pictures:  October 25, 2011                  Spring Pictures:   February 15, 2012

    Holiday parties will start at approximately 1:30 and end by 2:10.  The Booster Club will plan for the refreshments with the room mothers.


                Halloween/Fall Fest                          Monday, October 31, 2011

    Christmas                                          Wednesday, December 21, 2011

                Valentine                                           Tuesday, February 14, 2012


    Confer with the teacher, in advance, if you wish to schedule a birthday party.


    Student Accident Insurance either full-time or school-time is available direct from the company.  See Company’s brochure for latest rates.

    Telephone usage is limited to school business only. Please limit calls to school to emergency situations only.  Students will be allowed to use the phone if there is a change in a previously scheduled after school activity time or emergency situation.





    Parents and interested community members are encouraged to volunteer at William Harris Elementary School.  We have many projects that need your help. Call 424-3230 to speak with Angie Cason, (Family Liaison) or ask your child’s teacher how you can be of assistance.