•                           Mrs. Boyd's Classroom Rules and Discipline Plan
      Please treat others how you would like to be treated...Be kind!
                                        1.) Keep Hands and Feet to Yourself
                                        2.) Use a Whisper Voice
                                        3.) Raise Your Hand to Talk
                                              4.) Be Kind to Everyone!

    First Grade Behavior Plan

    Each Day your child will bring home a behavior calendar.  This calendar will let you know how your child is doing in school based on the color shaded in for the day.  The color coded system is below…

    Green:       WONDERFUL BEHAVIOR!  Always follows directions!    Always ready for class!
    *One Verbal Warning*
    Yellow:      Upon the second warning, the student receives a 10 minute time out away from the group.

    Orange:     15 minute loss of recess, computer lab, or free time.  Phone call or note sent home.

    Red:           Office referral.  Call home, conference with administrator, and complete loss of recess, computer lab, or free time.  An office administrator will determine length of time.

    Please ask your child about their behavior each night.  It really helps your child stay accountable for their actions at school.  Also, don’t hesitate to call or email with questions! 

    Email: sboyd@dps61.org