• 1st Grade Classroom Rules and Discipline

    Rules of the classroom

    1. Listen and follow directions  

    2. Raise your hand to talk

    3. Keeps your hands, feet and objects to yourself

    4. Treat others as you would like to be treated.



    Individual Discipline

    Each student will have three rainbows that will be kept on the bulletin board.  The student will first receive a warning, if a students continues to not follow directions they will be asked to move a rainbow or have a strike.  If they get two strikes or more two rainbows, they will serve a time out and if three rainbows are moved or have three strikes a phone call will be made to the parents and other discipline actions will occur.

     Classroom Discipline 

    We have two jars that say “Empty Me” and “Fill Me”.  The “Empty Me” jar will be full with marbles.  The objective is to empty the “Empty Me” jar and fill the “Fill Me” jar., If the students behave, use their manners, or help others, they will get to add marbles.  If the class is having problems lining up, getting quiet, etc. I will take away marbles.  Each time we fill up the empty jar, we will have a special class activity. 


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